5 Facebook Ads Tips For Your Business

The power of Facebook ads is unlimited. You can utilize them in many different ways to grow your business. However, every online marketer does not become successful in using the incredible potential of Facebook ads. What could be the reason? You cannot expect to get the best results by publishing some content about our business on your profile page. It is necessary to find some smart ways of using Facebook ads to generate more customers, increase revenues, and get more profits.

With appealing and interesting Facebook ads, you can target any audience on and off this social media platform. There are many different types of FB ad formats available. You must realize the fact that the customisation potential of Facebook ads is incredible. If you’re finding it difficult to use the power of Facebook ads in your favour even with all these possibilities, you need to revisit your marketing strategy.

Here are 5 Facebook ad tips for your business that help you optimise the impact to generate maximum results. Irrespective of your current goals, these tips will help you strengthen your campaigns, maximise your ROI, and generate excellent results.

1. Create A Better Understanding Of Your Audience And Focus On Detailed Targeting

Facebook ads offer tremendous opportunities for marketers and businesses. Renowned for extensive targeting options, FB ads help businesses discover the right audience easily. If you use them smartly, creating a hyper-niched audience you prefer becomes hassle-free.

However, you need to be careful when it comes to using Facebook ads. Keep creating a hyper-niched audience can be tricky sometimes. You must not do it too often. On certain occasions, developing hyper-niche audiences can make your audience extremely small. That is to say, you don’t have to drive up your frequency for an ordinary campaign. This method of approach puts a lot of restrictions on your performance.

The most important thing you must remember is that proper awareness of your target audience is very crucial in making your Facebook ads result-oriented. Your targeting criteria should be chosen only after creating a better understanding of your target audience. Many people get distracted and lose focus due to the abundance of options. Know your audience and target them with intent and focus. There is no need to make efforts to track many other related niches or interests. Detailed targeting makes sense and helps you achieve the expected results fast.

2. Retargeting Is A Smart Weapon

If you want to get the best out of Facebook ads, you can make use of retargeting campaigns. With higher conversion rates and lower cost per click, retargeting delivers excellent results. No matter whether your focus is on displaying a big sale ad to high-value customers who keep buying regularly or people who have just visited a particular page on your website, retargeting is a smart option. These people have some familiarity with your business and offers. So, they are most likely to click on your Facebook ad and find out exactly what is offered. You can always expect better conversion rates from these categories of people.

You can target the custom audiences efficiently using Facebook’s retargeting tools. If you have a list of email subscribers, blog subscribers, or past customers, you can target them with offers that appeal to their interests. Timeliness is an important aspect when you keep coming up with different offers. One good example is to launch an exclusive sale for Diamond members. It is a smart method of targeting this category and motivates them to take action.

Retargeting allows you to focus on people who have watched a few videos on your site or performed some kind of interaction with your business in some way. Facebook ads let you retarget this group efficiently. The right kind of strategies can be designed after assessing their actions and responses. This is something like triggered autoresponder email campaigns work. When someone visits your site to have a look at one of the offered products, you can utilize dynamic ads to show this person the same product after two or three days. This method of approach is a kind of small push that encourages him/her to buy the product.

When it comes to creating a retargeting campaign for a particular group of people, you must have a fair idea about their tastes, interests, and actions. In other words, you need to make use of maximum information about a specific audience to make your retargeting campaign highly result-oriented.

3) Take Maximum Advantage Of Facebook Canvas And Carousel ads

Many people find the process of creating FB Canvas ads time-consuming. On the contrary, smart business owners and marketers make use of the excellent functional features of these ads to increase their sales and profits. Canvas ads are a blend of texts, images, videos, call-to-actions, and many other types of interactive collaterals. If you manage to make use of ads properly, you can engage your audiences. Various authentic market research studies show that around 53% of users, who open a Canvas ad, watch at least 50% of it. When it comes to watching time, it is more than 30 seconds on an average level.

Canvas ads let you combine many different ad types to make a striking impression on visitors. Equipped with unparalleled storytelling ability, these ads provide an immersive brand experience. Canvas creation ad creation is a process of bringing together many templates onto the FB user interface and placing them in the right places. What are the templates? If you want to do customer acquisition, you need to use the template ‘Get New Customers.’ The best template available for eCommerce is ‘Sell Products.’ For enhanced brand awareness, you can use the template ‘Showcase Your Business.’

Speed is another vital value proposition of the Canvas ads format. It lets you open your products and lead forms directly within the format. This process is not a time-consuming one. In fact; it can be done instantly. You don’t have to worry about redirecting to the annoying landing pages with slow load time. Canvas ads teach you how to help customers bypass a vital stage seamlessly in the buying cycle.

If you want to display your products smartly, you can make use of Facebook Carousel ads. Within a single ad, you can show multiple eCommerce products with swipe-able features. Carousel ads also let you display multiple parts of a single product. Further, these ads allow you to show off up to 10 videos or images. In one FB ad, you can add 10 different CTAs (Call To Action).

From each Carousel panel, you can link the images or videos to different landing pages you prefer. Highly compatible with desktop and mobile devices, Carousel ads meet almost all Facebook advertisement purposes.

4. Tracking Sales Is More Important Than Vanity Metrics

It is necessary to give importance to clicks and social engagements. However, the ultimate factor is how much money you make. Many marketers think that they are the doing right things when getting a lot of clicks. You should dig a bit deeper to assess things more realistically. Clicks may not necessarily bring the expected revenue. A high-performing ad is the one that helps you sell your products and brings more sales and profits. So, the bottom line is that you should not be preoccupied with clicks and shares alone when you run a Facebook ad campaign. It is always advisable to track your sales to get the correct picture.

If you are experiencing some issues, you need to figure them out fast. You can hire a renowned Facebook ad agency in London to discover the issues and redesign your strategy to get the best results. Experienced professionals focus on conversion tracking to identify the underlying situation. Even when you are making sales, you should track which ad is leading to revenue. This approach helps you optimise your Facebook ad campaign.

5. Leveraging Video Ads Is Critical

Facebook always gives the highest importance to video ads. You must find ways to leverage video newsfeed ads to generate excellent results. Videos hold special relevance in the news feed of Facebook. Compared to other types of content, smart utilisation of videos leads to better organic reach and an increased engagement rate. Many market research studies reveal that FB users watch more than 3 billion hours of video every day.

Among the popular social advertising options available, the Facebook video stands taller in terms of cost-efficiency and reach. Video ads on FB offer endless possibilities. You need to make the maximum use of these possibilities. When it comes to designing Facebook video ads, you must have a clear idea about the audience you are targeting. Smart people always make efforts to discover what the audience would find appealing in a specific social environment.

You need to make your video ads on Facebook interesting. It is necessary to catch the attention of the visitors in the first 3 to 4 seconds to make a strong impact. Since the Facebook newsfeed is crowded, visitors have plenty of options to choose from. So, your ad must make an instant impression to engage viewers.

Adding sound to your video ad on Facebook is a not bad choice. However, it is not the most important aspect you need to focus on. You have to make efforts to create videos that influence and engage users with zero sound. That is to say, your videos should be impressive when there is no sound. Majority of the Facebook users by default view videos without any sound or on silent mode. These people increase the volume if they find the video interesting.

You must test different variations of your video ad to identify the right one that creates a captivating impact on viewers. The testing process lets you make the necessary changes and fine-tune your ad to achieve the best results. No matter whether you are running a small, medium, or a large business, you can use Facebook video ads to increase your brand visibility and generate sales. The amazing potential of these ads must be exploited to help your business stand taller among the competitors. Well-designed Facebook video ads enhance your Return On Investment (ROI) while establishing a warm relationship with your target audience.

The Amazing Power Of Facebook Ads

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