What Does It Cost to Advertise using Facebook Ads in the UK?

Facebook Ads have become a hot topic of discussion nowadays. Offering amazing benefits to online marketers and businesses, Facebook Ads help them achieve their goals affordably. Billions of people are using Facebook every day. This fact clearly throws light on the huge potential of this social media platform. If you place a targeted ad on this platform strategically, you can reach a large number of your prospects easily. What is the Facebook ads cost in the UK? Many people are searching to find a convincing answer to this question nowadays.

Several factors must be taken into consideration when it comes to deciding Facebook advertising costs in the UK. The fact of the matter is that Facebook Ads can be done with any budget. You need to develop a well-designed strategy that delivers the maximum return on investment. It is always advisable to hire an experienced Facebook advertising agency to design a customized ad strategy that delivers consistent results.

An Overview Of The Latest Statistics

Let us check the average cost per click (CPC) for Facebook advertisers in the UK. Data from Nanigans and HubSpot, the average CPC is £0.79. Other important aspects that make a strong impact on Facebook ad costs are Click-through Rate (CTR) and Cost per Mille (CPM).

Facebook advertising cost CPM (CPM = cost per mille/thousand impressions) dropped below £1.08 during the peak of the Covid 19 pandemic. Since May 2020, the cost per thousand impressions started increasing consistently and reached £4. The cost per click does not remain constant for all industries. On the other hand, the cost varies across different industries. According to Statista, the average CPM in the UK is £ 3.95.

Compared to other developed countries like the USA, the Facebook advertising costs 2021 are considerably lesser in the UK on an impression basis. Facebook stands second only to Google in terms of the largest revenue share generated from online advertising in the UK. The experts predict a larger growth for FB ads by the end of 2021.

CTR Makes A Strong Impact On The CPC Cost

Now, let us discuss the Click through Rate (CTR). Facebook does not follow the PPC model when it comes to charging advertisers. You can associate a CPM-oriented method with Facebook advertising cost for business. This method of approach focuses on rewarding the ads with a high CTR. If you want to have a clear idea about the CPC on Facebook, you should look at the CTR carefully.

The average CTR in FB ads across all industries is 0.90%. The legal industry has the highest CTR rate (1.61%). The employment and job training industry comes with the lowest CTR (0.47%). What you need to realize is that if the CTR stays low, your ad relevance score will also stay low.

What is the ad relevance score? It is a number from 1 to 10 that indicates how well people are responding to your FB ads. Based on different factors including, positive and negative user interactions, CTR, and feedback, Facebook automatically awards this score to your ad when it gets 500 impressions. If your ad relevance score is high, you can expect a better response for your ad. A low score clearly suggests poor user acceptance.

Target Audience Is A Critical Factor

The target audience also makes an impact on the Facebook ads cost in the UK. Certain demographic groups are more remunerative compared to other groups. When an increased number of marketers target those groups, the cost of Facebook ads will go up. For example, ad campaigns that target high-income people are more expensive compared to targeting professionals with average income.

So, demographics influence Facebook advertising costs UK. By defining a buyer persona for the product/service you are advertising, you can keep the ad expenses under control. If you have a better awareness of your target audience, your targeting efforts will become much more effective. It is always advisable to collect information about your target audience, including annual income, job, hobbies, education level, interests, life objectives, family and relationship status to create focused ad campaigns that deliver the best return on investment.

Determining The Exact Budget Of Your Facebook Ad Campaign

How to decide on Facebook ads cost in the UK? If you are planning to run an Facebook ad campaign, you should estimate the perfect budget based on your objectives. First of all, you must decide what exactly you want to achieve with your campaign. It is necessary to take your marketing goals into consideration. That is to say, you should have a clear idea about the add-to-cart events, subscriptions, video views and other related aspects.

If you have a specific goal, you can calculate the Facebook advertising costs UK easily. For example; if you aim at 200 downloads of your digital guide with a conversion rate of 30%, you need 666 clicks to achieve the expected results. Similarly, you can determine the number of impressions required to get 666 clicks. With a 1% CTR, you will have to generate 66,600 impressions. If the average Facebook advertising cost CPM (CPM = cost per mille/thousand impressions) in the UK is £ 3.95, you have to spend £ 263.

If you hire a Facebook ad agency to run your campaign, you need to add their fees to your advertising campaign cost. The price varies with different agencies. Some agencies charge an all-inclusive monthly fee for their services. You can also find digital marketing agency changing different fees for developing an ad campaign and monitoring the campaign and offering ad improvements services.

Since you have to deal with many challenges while running an FB ad campaign, professional expertise always helps you achieve better results. Reliable consultants always focus on making the Facebook ads cost in the UK under manageable limits for each client. You can expect the best value for money when you seek the help of experienced professionals.

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