How SEO & PPC Can Work Together To Drive Your Online Marketing

SEO has become an unavoidable tool for online marketers and businesses. You can also find several people using PPC to achieve their marketing goals. Both these methods have their own advantages. What about the idea of combining these two methods? It is possible to blend SEO and PPC harmoniously to enjoy greater SERP results and achieve business objectives. A well-designed SEO & PPC marketing strategy offers your site enhanced visibility, higher ranking, improved traffic generation and increased sales and revenues.

How SEO and PPC can work together to drive your online marketing? It is a big question that many people are searching for a convincing answer to. SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is a proven method to boost organic traffic through improved exposure and site authority. PPC (Pay Per Click) is a tried and tested advertising method that focuses on generating traffic through well-designed, targeted ads in search engines, social media and other relevant online platforms.

Since both methods focus on generating internet traffic to increase leads, conversions, and market exposure, it is logical to assume that both could work together efficiently to deliver better results. If you seek the help of a trusted SEO agency, you can learn the art and science of blending both these tactics. Let us explore this topic in detail.

Differences And Similarities

As mentioned above, SEO is a marketing method that encompasses various aspects, including keyword research and optimisation, content creation and marketing, link-building, competitor analysis, technical optimisation and more. PPC is basically an advertising model where the businesses that place the ads only pay when they are clicked. That is to say, advertisers pay a specified amount each time a person clicks on the ad. Google has created its own PPC model known as Google Ads.

Both these methods come under the category of SEM (Search Engine Marketing). You can Google Ads and other types of PPC ads on the top of search engine listings. Advertisers need to pay for site visits when they drive traffic from their ads. You don’t need to pay any cash when visitors enter your site by clicking on the search engine listings.

You can expect fast results when you depend on PPC. That is to say, the outcomes of PPC campaigns, including awareness, traffic and conversions are instant. Nevertheless, your site metrics will return to pre-campaign levels once the promotion period ends. SEO, on the other hand, is a continuous process that offers long-lasting results. It may take a few weeks or even months for SEO to start generating results. However, the results are there to stay for the long term.

Better awareness of the similarities is also necessary when you think about combining SEO & PPC marketing methods. The end goals of these two methods are the same. Both of them are keyword-oriented strategies. If you want to make your PPC and SEO campaigns successful, you need to identify relevant keywords.

How Do SEO & PPC Marketing Work Together?

When two tactics focus on achieving the same goals, both can complement each other to deliver better results. SEO and PPC are supportive of the other, creating benefits in both campaigns. When you make use of PPC advertising, your site will find a place on top of the search results. It is the first thing that is visible to searchers.

You can blend your SEO efforts with PPC to help your brand cover a sizeable area of the SERPs. This approach displays the Google Ads on top and the organic listings just beneath them. So, you can expect increased exposure. It doesn’t matter if searchers leave out the ad section because they will go directly to your organic listings to discover your business.

Improved customer trust is another benefit that can be associated with a combined SEO & PPC marketing strategy. When searchers see the Google Ads and organic listings on the first page of Google, they will feel more confident about the credibility and reputation of your business. So, blending these two tactics, businesses can guide potential customers more efficiently to their websites and promote engagement.

Use Keyword Data Interchangeably

Keyword optimisation dependence of PPC and SEO is very high. With the help of the most suitable, relevant and accurate words and phrases, businesses always reach on top of search engine pages for chosen queries. If you are already focusing on SEO, you must have highly useful keyword data at your disposal. It can be used to generate instant results from your PPC campaigns.

On other hand, you can use the keyword phrases that are making a positive impact on your PPC campaign to make your SEO efforts result-oriented. No matter whether you start a PPC or SEO campaign first, you can utilize the keyword data available to make the subsequent campaign fruitful.

Improved Brand Awareness And Exposure

When visitors click on Google Ads, they are directed to your landing page. It is the page on which visitors get a fair idea about your business and its products/services. Many people will spend some more time navigating your site to collect more information about your brand. However, they may not take immediate action. When those visitors make searches for the same types of products/services in the future, they may probably recall their interaction with your website. This association will easily motivate them to click on your organic listings.

Measuring The Campaign Performance Is Extremely Vital

When you blend SEO & PPC and help them work together to drive your online marketing, you have to track and measure the performance to ensure sustainable results. The most important PPC key performance indicators (KPI) are click-through rates and conversions generated by particular keywords. You need to use the most reliable monitoring tools available to analyse these KPIs to get insightful information that takes your campaign to the next level.

When it comes to SEO, Google Analytics is the most popular tool to measure the success of your campaign. The most critical KPIs are keyword rankings, time spent by the visitor on your page, organic traffic and conversions. Measuring the performance of your campaigns always helps you make the necessary changes and achieve better results.

What do all these facts indicate? If you employ a combined SEO & PPC marketing strategy, you can expect better results. These tactics easily work together to drive your online marketing. Professional expertise is inevitable when you blend these two methods. You need to hire an experienced company that offers the best SEO services for its customers.

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