The Best WordPress SEO Plugins 2021

The best WordPress SEO plugins optimise your site for search engines to generate maximum traffic and conversions. When it comes to choosing a WordPress SEO plugin, you can come across several options. What are the best choices available? This is a very question that many site owners are looking to find an answer to. Here are the best WordPress SEO plugins you can choose in 2021 to fulfil your eCommerce needs:

1. Rank Math

Rank Math WordPress SEO PluginRank Math is a user-friendly and feature-rich SEO plugin that helps WordPress users optimise their sites for search engines. It also assists you in optimising your site for social media sites. You can find an intuitive setup wizard on Rank Math. The smart automation features let you optimise your content using just a few clicks.

Managing all your on-page SEO needs for any type of content on your WordPress site becomes a breeze with Rank Math. Integrated properly with Google Search Console, this plugin offers direct access to vital information from your WordPress administrative dashboard. It is also integrated with several useful keyword ranking tools that help you stand taller among the competitors.

You can also find a built-in 404 monitor on Rank Math that can be used to resolve errors fast. This feature always provides an enhanced user experience. Moreover, a module-based system lets you choose the exact features you need without overloading your WordPress site with unwanted functions.

Other important features you can come across in Rank Math include XML sitemaps, Internal linking recommendations, local SEO, image SEO, advanced SEO auditing, redirects, breadcrumbs optimisation, redirect manager, schema markup, and rich snippets

When you compare the features of other WordPress SEO plugins to the features of Rank Math, you can certainly rate this plugin as one of the most reliable and efficient choices available today. This plugin offers unparalleled user-friendliness and advanced features to make life a lot easier and more convenient for WordPress site owners.

An honest assessment always suggests that Rank Math is a highly impressive plugin. The numerous features available are extremely useful for those who are actually interested in digging down a bit deeper to develop a more proactive SEO strategy.

2. Yoast

Yoast WordPress SEO PluginYoast is the most popular WordPress SEO plugin for WordPress sites. There are two versions of this plugin, namely a free version and a paid version. The free version is packed with a lot of features. If you are looking for more advanced features and benefits, you can choose the paid version.

With innovative and user-friendly features, Yoast meets the expectations of its users. It helps you create human-friendly and search-engine-friendly content with absolute ease. With a successful track record of more than a decade, this WordPress SEO plugin makes your SEO efforts highly result-oriented.

Yoast helps you create a custom title & meta-description. You can show these in search results to promote click-throughs. Adding a Meta box to all your pages and posts, this plugin enables you to set your focus keyword, description, canonical URLs, and more with absolute ease.

This plugin lets you implement a schema to encourage search engines to make better utilisation of your site. Offering effective control of the breadcrumbs through JSON-LD, Yoast ensures enhanced site structure and crawling.

One of the most remarkable aspects of Yoast SEO is its ability to develop and manage your XML sitemaps. This feature makes Yoast extremely user-friendly, even for WordPress site owners without any technical background. You don’t have to spend time and effort to code your sitemap. The one-click set up helps you create a sitemap easily to promote search engine crawling efforts.

Yoast plugin assists you in detecting and avoiding duplicate content. So, there is no need to worry about the Google penalty. With custom templates for titles and meta-descriptions, this plugin makes your content extremely appealing for search engines to get a higher ranking on search result pages.

Other important features include support for ‘noindex’ content, language support, and access to free Yoast courses. You can enjoy all these benefits with a free version. If you upgrade to the paid version, you will get many advanced features, including page previews on different platforms, no advertisements, suggestions for internal linking, 24/7 support, and redirect management options.

3. The SEO Framework

The SEO Framework WordPress SEO PluginThe SEO framework is a well-known WordPress SEO plugin with several unique and innovative features that can only be associated with the best plugins available on the market. Primarily designed to meet the requirements of small businesses instead of large business enterprises, The SEO Framework comes with a pre-fill Meta tag feature to save your valuable time and effort.

When integrated with WordPress, the interface of this plugin blends naturally to deliver a seamless user experience. Providing a coloured scale, The SEO Framework clearly shows you precisely how to optimise your posts for search engines. To reveal notes for the exact way to improve specific pages, you just need to hover the cursor over the bars in the SEO column.

The EO Framework is one of the most reputed free SEO plugins available on the market nowadays. When you use this WordPress SEO plugin, you don’t need to worry about any irritating ads or upsells. Other prominent features of The SEO Framework include smooth editing of Open Graph metadata, open support forums, automatic generation of titles and descriptions, and fast enabling of breadcrumbs for Google search.

Apart from the free version, you can find three paid versions of this plugin, namely Pro, Business, and Agency. You can choose the right one based on your unique needs, budget, and other preferences. If you are on the lookout for a reliable and advanced WordPress SEO plugin that optimises your site using the most advanced white-hat optimisation guidelines, you can choose The SEO Framework.

4. All in One SEO Pack

All In One SEO Pack WordPress SEO PluginWith more than two million active installs, All in One SEO Pack stands taller among the SEO plugins for WordPress in terms of popularity. Equipped with an organised, clean, and easy-to-use dashboard, it makes navigation incredibly effortless. This plugin is available in free as well as paid versions.

If you own a startup or run a basic blog, you can choose the free version. You can upgrade to a paid version as your needs grow bigger. Automatically generating Meta tags, All in One SEO Pack optimises your titles for Google and other leading search engines.

With the paid version, advanced users can customize their experience and set aside automatic features. Further, users are allowed to utilize the Robots.txt editor to give suggestions to web crawlers about your site’s contents. This SEO plugin also informs the search engines about your site changes automatically.

When you use this plugin, you can control URLs smartly. To avoid unwanted 404 pages, it offers a useful redirect feature. It generates sitemaps of your content automatically. You can also find the extra image and RSS sitemap options on The All in One SEO Pack. Since this plugin comes with its own API, other plugins and themes can enhance its functionality.

The paid or premium version offers features like sophisticated SEO options for WooCommerce, a News sitemap module, and a Google Local Business SEO module. You can also come across extra analytics and tagging options with this SEO plugin version.

5. SEOPress

SEOPress WordPress SEO PluginSEOPress is an uncomplicated yet powerful SEO plugin with a comprehensive set of features. The free version is a smart choice for beginners. If you are an advanced user, you can opt for the paid pro version. With a default setup, it helps freshers start their optimisation journey without any complications. However, you can customize the settings based on your evolving needs.

This plugin allows you to create unique Meta descriptions and control the page URL, title, and heading for each individual page. It also offers HTML navigation and auto-generated sitemaps for images and content. With a clear focus on social media compatibility, SEO Press lets users connect to their social media accounts easily. To take social sharing to a new level, it comes with Twitter Cards and Facebook Open Graph.

The free version also boasts highly efficient neat URL rewriting and redirection tricks. If you are a paid-for pro user, you can expect a more refined and detailed schema for structured data. It can be operated manually or kept in an automated mode. You can monitor your SEO efforts fast because it is fully integrated with Google Analytics. Other features include advanced redirects, ‘noindex’ support, useful SEO tutorials, support for unlimited keywords, and many breadcrumb options.

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