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Pay Per Click (PPC) is an effective advertising model by which businesses can generate leads and increase online presence on both the search engines as well as websites.

PPC is a very beneficial way to advertise online because it gives you the ability to advertise cost-efficiently, it gives almost instantaneous results/feedback and has the ability to target specific audiences.

It is not advisable to do PPC yourself especially when you are new to it. As it can be highly complicated which requires a lot of experience and good analytical skills to generate good results.

Without experience and good analytical skills doing it yourself can lead to mistakes that can cost more than hiring a PPC management agency to do it for you.

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Google Ads

Google Ads is one of the most popular PPC platforms that are available in the market right now. Simply because Google holds the largest market share in terms of search engine users.

Through Google Ads, advertisers have access to different advertising networks that uses the same PPC model. These networks are Google search ads, Google display ads, Google shopping ads, and remarketing ads.

Google Search Ads allows advertisers to advertise on the Google Search Engine. It allows advertisers to appear at the top of a search result when a particular search term is being searched on Google.

Google Display Ads refers to advertisements that appear on websites that are partnered with Google. Unlike Google Search Ads, the Google Display Ads network allows advertisers to utilise images in their advertisement.

Google Shopping Ads also allows your advertisement to appear on the google search engine. The difference is that the advert will show the product itself together with its price.

Remarketing Ads give advertisers the ability to make their advertisements appear to users that have already visited their website. Allowing advertisers to convert visitors who are already interested in making a purchase.

We are an agency that specializes in utilizing these different networks that Google has to offer. So do approach us for any questions as we are able to suggest and manage an advertising campaign that suits your needs.

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Our pay-per-click team has years of experience with Google ads and are experts in their field. With their expertise, we can drive high-value traffic to your website increasing the chances of generating relevant leads, conversions and ultimately the growing of your business.

Target with intent ensuring that ads are placed in front of your chosen target audiences. Generate more leads and ultimately more sales with our traffic and targeting tactics and content writers we can create customised copy that is conversion-driven and which will generate amazing results.

With our team of skilled experts, we can guarantee that you will get the results that you want. To find out more about the PPC services that we provide do contact us today and we will put you through to our PPC team.

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